Add pagename field to the list of table fields in simple query

When I do a simple query using a page-property I can select the pagename from the list when I want the query to show as a table.

Changing the query to use a property and not a page-property and the same dialog does not give me the option to choose the pagename.

I find this strange as all blocks live in a page so the pagename should always be possbile to select.

I understand that when multiple blocks on 1 page are valid in this query the pagename will be repeated for those blocks. But that is no problem for me and in fact exactly what I want.

I understood from a post on Discord that is should be possible to do so.

For that reason and the fact that this question comes up somewhat regularly on the Discord, I have created this Feature Request.

One of the use-cases I have is that I have a page for persons in Logseq and any property I want to query on (company, birthday, function, relationtype, ect) has to be a page-property as I otherwise can’t show the page-name in a simple query result.

All these page-property take up a lot of vertical space on my screen so I would like to hide them under parent-bullet names “Contact information” or something as these do not change very often. But if I do so I loose the possiblity to show the page-name (= persons name) in a query.

Seconded! Lots of people (myself included) want to see what page blocks are on, regardless of the query specifics.
Just having that option easily accessible would be great!


This feature would make a huge difference!
Hope to see it implemented soon!

This feature landed with Enhance: Add page column for query tables with block results by logseq-cldwalker · Pull Request #8869 · logseq/logseq · GitHub and is going out with the next release