Add scheduled Todo with keyboard only


Is it possible to add a scheduled todo only with the keyboard? I know I can use /Scheduled to add a date and time to a todo, however, I cannot navigate in the popup from the calendar to the time entry. TAB just switches the focus in the app itself, i.e. pressing TAB switches from the editor / current page to the sidebar.

It would be ideal to just insert SCHEDULED and then jump to the date with a small calendar (you could also enter the date via keyboard) and with TAB to switch to the time entry. ENTER finishes the input. This is similar to how IntelliJ implements Live Templates.

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You can do so with the datenlp plugin. Just type ^date you want and it will make it a scheduled block with the date.


Beat me to it. The plugin is brilliant.

Whoa, thanks for the hint, that’s a great plugin!

It’s interesting. A while back /datedpicker, /deadline, and /scheduled all behaved the same way, defaulting to today if you hit the enter key and allowing you to pick a date if you navigated it with a mouse. As of 0.8.17 on the Mac, Date Picker and Deadline now allow you to navigate to another date with the keyboard, but Scheduled still does not. I’d argue this is a bug (and I’ll happily open an issue on github if at least one person agrees!).

To answer the original question, I think it’s possible to do without the plugin if you use DEADLINE instead of SCHEDULED. (Not ideal, but an alternative).

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