Add shortcut to go to the last block on the page

This is a hotkey that Roam Research has that comes in handy when you switch back to the app and want to quickly jump to the bottom of a page.

They used CMD + SHIFT + ENTER

Please, I really want this feature. I actually don’t understand how people can quickly add notes without using the mouse, or fiddling with getting to the right spot. I want to a single command to get to the bottom of my home page where I will dump notes by default without thinking yet about where I want them to go – why is it so hard to do that?


Simple solution is to use the Go-Home-Now plugin


This doesn’t work for me. It takes me to my home page (journal for today), but does not jump to end of document and place cursor there.

An alternative way (default settings): on mac, press ‘cmd+⇧+a’ to first have all the blocks on a page selected. Then press right arrow ‘→’, you will have the cursor at the very end of the last block on a page. Or press left arrow ‘←’ to navigate to the very beginning of the first block on a page. Not sure about windows default, ‘ctrl+shift+a’ maybe, or just customize that.

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I would also appreciate this.


apart from other reasons would help with ChatGPT integration, which would render a chat-like page

I’ve already voted, but just to say, it would be a great to have a shortcut / command palette option to do this.

You can try using the logseq-randomutils-plugin and use s b to scroll to bottom.