Add Statusbar to Logseq

Logseq plugin ecosystem has evolved and the community has built numerous plugins to enhance user experience. We need to considering a UI feature that enables plugins to display some information in a permanent way. The top bar could remain as the place to trigger actions and the bottom bar (status bar) for displaying info.
For example, we could have the following info displayed in the statusbar:

  • statistics like:
    • word count
    • page count
    • count of misspelled words
  • Time
  • Timer or stopwatch
  • Sync status

This Status bar should be disabled by default to keep the UI as clean and simple as it is, while giving users the ability to enable it from the setting UI or config.edn as needed.

Sync status would be really helpful!

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A keyboard shortcut to toggle the status bar should also be included

Sync Status, Sync Status, Sync Status! :slight_smile:
(I would even root for a “Save”-button in the titlebar that also shows the sync status like in Office 365)