Add to favorites (Ubuntu app launcher)

Hi all,

Logseq if the only software / app I use on Linux which does not allow me to use the “add to favorites” feature on Ubuntu. This feature allows you to keep a shortcut in the applications bar (aka “application launcher”). I have other apps that I also use through an AppImage file, like Logseq, that support this.

This is not anything major, but I believe it would be fairly simple to solve, and it is very handy for apps that have intensive usage.

Thank you

It should be possible after you install Appimage Launcher and “integrate” logseq into the system.

Check this Ask Ubuntu post:

It is possible to get a workaround, yes. But it’s not that easy to implement for some people, you have to do it in every PC you use, etc. If this was implemented, the same could be achieved with one single click.

Well, actually that’s not a workaround; it is how appimage is supposed to work. I agree, it would be nice if it was integrated better by default. But this is an Ubuntu issue (presumably because they focus on snap)

The solution for a better os Integration would be native packages with custom repos or distro maintainers but I think it was discussed somewhere else that that won’t happen while beta.