Add to launcher on chromebook

Are there any linux bods here who could help me with how to get LogSeq to show up in the launcher on a chromebook. I know I have to create a .desktop file and put it in the appropriate place. What I’m struggling with is what should be in the file and where to put it :slight_smile:

At the moment I have to open a linux window and run the application manually.

Any pointers gratefully received.

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Logseq Web version - create PWA:

ON Android phone
Open on Android Chrome. 3-dots menu | Add to Home screen.

ON Chromebook:
3-dots | More tools | Create shortcut
PopUP: Open as Window
Pin to bar


Logseq Desktop version
ON Chromebook LINUX:
sorry can’t help as I haven’t enough space at the moment to enable Linux & install Logseq desktop version. When I do I’ll try and follow these instructions: google_support
Hopefully somebody else will chime in …

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Thanks ichmoimeyo. I’ve successfully created a .desktop file for the Obsidian electron app but copying and editing it for LogSeq didn’t work. There is obviously some subtle difference I’m not aware of.