Adding a citation to a quote or block

Hey all, I’m curious as to how other people do this…

I’d like to add a citation to a block. In this case, it’s a quote, but I guess this is applicable to any block.

Here’s an example of what I have:

  • Vegetables are disgusting (some kid, whenever)

Would this be better represented with a child block:

  • Vegetables are disgusting
    ** some kid, whenever

If I have no current interest in the works of “some kid”, would I bother linking them?

  • Vegetables are disgusting
    ** [[some kid]], whenever

This is probably me being new to Logseq and overthinking things, but wondered what others would do in this situation.

Hi, notice that references are “inherited” by children to populate Linked References and Simple Queries. This means that these actually tag the quote with the author name:

- "Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet" ([[John Doe]], Somewhere)
- [[John Doe]]
  - "Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet"
  - "Another quote by the same author"

But the quote is not tagged by the author name if you put it in a child block:

- "Lorem ipsum, dolor sit amet"
   - [[John Doe]], Somewhere
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Here’s generally how I structure things, just one block:

Don't demand that things happen as you wish, but wish that they happen as they do happen, and you will go on well.
-- Epictetus, Enchiridion, 8

Either with or without page references. (I should probably start adding page references lol)

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