Adding cheklists

How to make checklists in logseq

Implementing it with org-mode syntax here would also solve subtasks to not pollute TODO lists when queried. [ ], [X] (see the linked discussion).

would also love this feature

We need this feature for checklists that you want to keep on certain pages and not pollute TODO lists


+1 I have some routine checklists that are not part of the todo management. Somehow cannot find in Logseq a plain checkbox :frowning:

I use LATER NOW DONE for my overall task management, and TODO DOING DONE for separate lists and projects. They can be nicely separated with queries etc. Works well.

Indeed a possible solution. Problem with that for me, NOW appears in the Journals screen under today

It is currently possible to add checkboxes in blocks; e.g. add this to a single block (note: they cannot be split into individual blocks, paste with ctrl + shift + v):

This is a checklist
* [ ] Box 1
* [ ] Box 2