Adding double brackets to selected text often fails

Logseq v0.5.8

When going back over some text that I’ve written in Logseq to add double brackets, I’ve been selecting one or more words and then pressing [[. Sometimes this works flawlessly, but other times it ends up placing the second closing bracket in the wrong spot.

For example, if I have some text like this:

This is going to be a great pizza party!

And I want to add double brackets to “pizza party”, I would first select the text “pizza party” and then press [[.

What I expect to happen:

This is going to be a great [[pizza party]]!

What often happens instead:

This is going to be a great [[pizza par]ty]!

This problem is exacerbated by what seems to be a bug/limitation of Logseq’s undo implementation–when I press cmd+z to undo this change, it often ends up undoing one or more previous changes instead of these incorrect double brackets.

I think I figured why; if you are using a non-roman keyboard, adding brackets fails. I have a Korean keyboard and an English keyboard installed on my computer and this functionality only works when I’m using an English keyboard.