Adding icons from nerd fonts, also emojis

I am running Logseq 0.10.8 on a linux machine
When researching how to show steps in a TODO I came across this post How do you handle single steps for todos? - #2 by ChrisVn which showed the footsteps icon in both blue and red. I can copy the icon and paste it but wanted to be able to type it in myself.

I came across nerd fonts and have installed the “Ubuntu Nerd Font” on my machine and can add the nf-fae-footprint code e241 in libreoffice but not in logseq. I notice that the nerdfont icon has right foot forward where the emoji from this toolbar in this editor has :footprints: with right foot forward, and in red. I would like the blue one in logseq. this appears to match the above mentioned post.

I have modified custom css file similar to Using font-awesome icons - #3 by ddavo I am not sure what font is being used. How does one check?

  --ct-text-size: 14px;
  --ct-line-height: 1.6;
  --ls-font-family: "Ubuntu Nerd Font", "FontAwesome", "Inter", sans-serif; 
  --ct-page-title-font-family: var(--ls-font-family);
  --ct-code-font-family: monospace;

How do emojis get added to logsec?

I have been able to solve the issue of the blue footprints. They are an emoji from the plugin “Emoji Picker v0.0.6” The red ones are in the editor to this post. How does one get different colours? to get the blue ones to show here I had to place it in an inline code block

:footprints: and 👣

does any know how to use nerd fonts within logseq?

I used Nerd fonts. In Manjaro, I installed the nerd-fonts packages.

To check which fonts you have installed, you can use fc-list

fc-list | grep -i nerd

About why they have different colors, one uses the emoji from your system font, and the other one might use an image… You can see all the emoji designs here:

Btw, I’m developing a plugin to use shortcodes like :smile: (:smile:) in logseq

Thanks for the reply.
i have been using ubuntu for many years and amnow seeing some limitations both with the os and my laptop. Need to upgrade.
I will look at your plugin and the emoji link later this evening (UK time)

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