Adding links to Windows network folders

I am working in Windows and I need to add a link to a network drive in my journal.

The path is this: \comp\corp\mktg\brand new widget

If I paste this into logseq, it looks like this: \compcorpmktgbrand new widget

If I paste this into loqseq: file://comp\corp\mktg\brand new widget

I get the full path and what looks like a link, but the link only extends through the word ‘brand’ it doesn’t go past the first space. And when I click on the link, nothing happens. Also, it is kind of a pain to have to manually edit the link to switch the double back slashes to double forward slashes.

OK, I know Windows paths are using backslashes which are used for escape characters and there are spaces, but is there a way I can get this work (i.e., show the path properly and have it link to the folder)?


  • The proper markdown link is [name](<file:etc.>)
  • Have a look at File picker for linking local files, then either:
    • use it
      • in theory it should support network folders (although it may be slow)
    • take ideas to come with a version that covers your particular needs

Thank you for the help. When I try the markdown, I run into the same problem I had before, but maybe I am doing something wrong.

Could you show me the proper markdown for the following link: \comp\corp\mktg\brand new widget

Network links are strange. If the windows link is \\comp\corp\mktg\brand new widget , the markdown should normally be like this:

[brand new widget](<file:///\\comp\corp\mktg\brand new widget>)
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Yay! That did it. Thank you so much!

It worked, thanks!!