Additional date format: dd MMMM yyyy

This is very minor, but is it possible to add “dd MMMM yyyy” to the list of date formats (e.g. 9 May 2023)? I think this is the most commonly-used format in the UK - e.g. it’s standard in government.


This can be done by setting :journal/page-title-format in config.edn.

If you want “9 May 2023” rather than “09 May 2023” you will need “d MMMM yyyy” but I can tell you from personal experience that this will break some useful/popular plugins, like Logseq Calendars and Logseq Journals Calendar.

I have :journal/page-title-format "dd MMMM yyyy EEE."
in my config.edn and the plugins work fine. I grudgingly put up with the leading zero early in the month.