Additional Markdown export option: strip top-level bullets only

When we use the “save as” option on a block, it lets us pick to keep or strip the dashes/bullets. I would like to ask for an additional option: strip only top level bullets.

Consider the following example:

- This is me writing an article
    - # This is the article title
    - I'm writing some stuff here, it's basically the article content
    - ## Here, I'm adding a subtitle
    - As you can notice, I'm not indenting anything since this is effectively a long-form article, however:
        - if I want to make a list, I would indent it
        - if I export this block, I want the dashes stripped from the top level, so it becomes a "normal" Markdown file
        - however, I would like to keep the dashes under this indented list
        - currently, I don't have that option: it's all or nothing.

I feel this simple change would be a step towards using Logseq as a writing tool.