Additional PDF Viewer Resizing Options

It’d be great to have

  1. the option to full screen the pdf viewer
  2. the pdf viewer automatically span the entire application screen below the logseq outliner instead of a sidebar when the height becomes greater than the width in logseq’s application dimensions.

My current use case is on a 13" 2-in-1 Windows 11 computer where when I fold the screen backwards to enable the tablet mode, it makes the pdf viewer functionally unusable.

My typical setup with a pdf viewer:

Whe happens when I enable tablet mode:

What I’d like to happen in feature request 2):

Fullscreen PDF mode would be so helpful.

I often split my screen with VSCode and Logseq PDF (i.e. to follow homework instructions), but the notes part of Logseq clutters things and makes the ratio awkward. In these situations, I just want the PDF and not the rest of Logseq.