Advanced query for "WAITING"

Hi there,
I am working on a Query to find all blocks with a certain tag “project” and a “TODO” or “WAITING”…however I cannot get any results for “WAITING”. It works perfectly fine when I switch “WAITING” to “DONE”…
Any help on how to find stuff for the #WAITING tag?

:query [
:find (pull ?b [*])
[?p :block/name “project”]
[?b :block/path-refs ?p]
[?b :block/marker ?marker]
(or [(contains? #{“TODO”} ?marker)] [(contains? #{“WAITING”} ?marker)])

this does the trick in my query which is pretty similar:
[(contains? #{“TODO” “WAITING”} ?marker)]]

Thanks for your fast answer.
I was somehow using #WAITING all the time instead of /WAITING when typing…no wonder none of the solutions worked :slight_smile: