Advanced query: :remove-block-children does not work?

According to we can use :remove-block-children? in queries:

removes all children/descendants under a block result, only applies to block queries

Having tried this with

- [[Logseq]]
  - child


 :query  [:find (pull ?b [*])
     [?p :block/name "logseq"]
     [?b :block/refs ?p]
:remove-block-children? true

, but child is still displayed under - [[Logseq]] as result. Have I misunderstood this setting?

I’m not sure. I was thinking the same as you.
Looking at the GitHub issue and linked issues from that, it seems specific for viewing the results as a table.
Also good to know, the default is already true.
I do feel a bit confused on what this is and isn’t suppose to do, so some clarity would be nice.

Figured out what it does. Lol
It removes duplicate results: