Advantages to using Org vs Markdown?

I’m a long-time Org mode user, but also work with Markdown quite often. I’m wondering if there are any functional disadvantages in Logseq to using Markdown as the default format rather than Org.

In other words, is one format “blessed” and the other simply “tolerated” or are they equals in Logseq’s eyes?


Both Org and Markdown are equal in logseq, we might add other markup formats like Asciidoc in the future and those markups will be treated equally.
Currently, we’re working on Org/Markdown export and transforming between different formats (like Pandoc), which will make it easier to convert a format to another format when needed.


Thanks! I’d like to avoid backing the wrong horse, so this is good to know.

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Actually, logseq started with org-mode support (I keep my notes using emacs and org-mode) and only added markdown support later when some friends told me they want to give it a try :slight_smile:


Yeah, Markdown has become a juggernaut and, try as I might, ignoring it hasn’t worked :). In fact, for some things I’ve grown to prefer it. The fact that it’s everywhere makes interop with many other tools very easy. I’m considering using it by default with Logseq, which prompted this thread.


Yes, it’s always great to have the power to interop with more tools. You can set your preferred format to markdown, but you can still create a org mode file in the search box, for example: pages/


Would love Asciidoctor syntax/file support! I find it far superior and more fluent then Markdown.


This is a great disussion. I’d choose .org any day of the week. but to @jackbaty point there’s no arguing agains .md compatability.

Since moving to Obsidian (and now combining all of that with logseq) I have everything in markdown.

I missed org-mode so much, and log-seq is a miracle that practically allows for org-mode to exist in a markdown file!

Thanks as always for the excellent work!



What can org mode do in pkm tools that markdown cannot? I am not from a technical background and their website search was too confusing to make sense of

Editing tables with Emacs is like breeze~

That’s great news ! Any approximative deadline ?

The language markup doesn’t do much… it’s the ecosystem you use it with that’s crucial. Org-mode in Emacs is a powerful tool (you’ll find a lot of documentation on it). Markdown can be integrated in many tools. Both become very useful to generate different formats with pandoc and that’s why it’s great news that the logseq team is working on pandoc integration. It will benefit org and markdown.

org-mode is a breeze until you are editing table with 100+ lines, then it becomes a hog.

Does the block properties get an update in org?