Advice on sync setup

Logseq is fulfilling many of my requirements, and I am starting to use it extensively. I especially like the journals features for quick capture of thoughts.
However, I am really struggling with syncing. I use a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, and an iPad, so I naturally set up everything with iCloud. This option is a disaster: I have lost data 3 times this week, and at other times it has taken up to 7 hours to sync 94 kb of data!
I would love to use Logseq sync, but I read that there is a 100 mb file size limit. This is a deal breaker, since one of the best features is the pdf annotations. I have several large PDFs in my graph which are heavily annotated.
So the final option seems to be git. I am not very familiar with this, so before I spend significant time following instructions to set that up, I would like your advice: is git sync reliable? Is it quick? Is simultaneous use of multiple devices possible?
Thank you advance for your thoughts.

I used git for a while and it was very reliable also to merge if I had by mistake edited the same page on multiple devices. Two caveats though:

  • it’s not super esy to set up in particular if you aren’t yet familiar with git.
  • git isn’t suited to large files so I’m not sure your large pdfs will work well (are you sure they’re really > 100MB?)

A easier alternative that works well for me is syncthing. You will need a paid app called MöbiusSync on iOS for that.

Thank you for your clear answer. My pdfs are quite large…the one I use most is 250mb (it is a 700-page reference book that I annotate and refer to daily. Logseq is perfect for this use). I am not afraid of following directions to set up git. Is there no way to use it with large files>
Regarding syndthing: does this work with iOS? Does it sync a local folder? And is it good with incremental changes?

For git you may just want to try. I just recall seeing this mentioned a number of times. It will also depend on which git provider you use. E.g. github has some limits as described here About large files on GitHub - GitHub Docs.

I use the MöbiuSync app for syncthing on iOS and it works for me. It syncs a local folder.

Here is a blog post with my thoughts on the options Logseq Sync Options. Let me know if it’s useful or which additions would make it so.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for your work and time. I do have a couple of follow-up questions, if you don’t mind.

  1. You mentioned that one of the sync strategies is better at dealing with merges. I assume it is Syncthing?

  2. On iOS, Logseq is only allowed to see the folder that is in iCloud Drive. Is that the folder that MöbiuSync syncs? Or is it possible to point iOS Logseq to a different folder?

Thanks again

  1. No I thought of git here.
  2. Logseq also “sees” its local folder. But no other folders. You would create a new local graph and then sync that with MöbiusSync. That in turn is the respn you need he paid version. Only tht cn snc to folder “outside” its own folder.