After upgrade to 0.10.0, tag css background does not work


i just upgraded to 0.10.0, and find my tag background color doesn’t work on the default dark mode, screen shot attached

Screenshot from 2023-11-30 23-30-22

Screenshot from 2023-11-30 23-30-49

Here are two options:

  • add !important at the end of line background:
    background: #52D851 important;
  • add a at the beginning of the css rule:
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@mentaloid thank you!

all my tags come back …

Screenshot from 2023-12-01 09-41-20

Screenshot from 2023-12-01 09-42-07

Good to know that needs to be added now :open_mouth:

@Siferiax indeed, there is a very tiny difference “important” vs “a.tag” tested, the latter looked a bit wider by 1 or 2 px, but not a deal at all

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