All pages encrypted (and un-decryptable) after update

What happened:

  • Logseq app prompted restart after new update (Version 0.6.7 (0.6.7)) was downloaded and installed
  • When the app reopened, all of my pages have been encryted and cannot be read i.e it shows the encrypted page like below:

apart from two pages I had saved on 24th January (my earliest pages).


  • Running on Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1 (21E258) on Macbook Pro mid-2015

What I’ve tried so far:

  • Opening and closing the app
  • Reindexing (and then opening and closing the app)
  • Going through the page history in the app. All saved page history is also encrypted and doesn’t decrypt upon selection)

Previously, I had lost notes from encryption with logseq, and so I had disabled encryption in the app. In my config the setting are :feature/enable-encryption? false. My files sync to dropbox for file versioning and all of the page histories show the files were encrypted when saved to disk in the first place (before the app update).

  • Is there anyway to decrypt these files and recover my lost work? (please say so :sob:!)
  • Is there anyway I can safely disable the encryption feature to ensure this doesn’t happen again?
  • If not, is there anyway I can make sure the app can always decrypt the files?

Hello aroberts,

if the update broke the encryption, you can always try to install an older version and look if it opens the files. Older versions can be found on the release page on github. The version before 0.6.7 was

I hope this helps,