All pages have same time stamp after re-indexing

Hello community,

Logseq asked me to re-index after upgrading to 0.9
I did as I was told.

Now all files have exactly the same time stamp = time of re-indexing.

I store my files on iCloud.

That’s strange but not misson-critical.
How can I avoid this when re-indeixing next time?

Thanks much in advance.


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hi, unfortunately there is no other way. this is a known problem with re-indexing. I presume only in the database version of logseq (which is still not finished and released) will this be solved.


Is there any more info, how this database version would look like? This direction sounds very useful with regards to performance and data consistency like indexing.

I would be in favor of making the database “single source of truth”, storing every content in it. To accommodate for the need of having Markdown files on the filesystem and reflect current behavior, we could create a virtual filesystem mapper, which maps current page content in database as files for external processing.

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Yes, the database version is planned indeed to solve performance and consistence problems, but also for future sync and collaboration features.

Lastest update on this:

Tweet mentioned above:



Much appreciated @WQing !