Allow a page configuration setting to hide Linked/Unlinked references

As a user, I would like the option to hide either or both of the Linked and Unlinked References. I good use case around this is I have an advanced query that supercedes the need to have the Linked references, because my query does what I need and more. So, in particular when I open that page on the right sidbar, I don’t want the clutter of seeing the reference sections.

I would like also this option. One big reason I chose this software was that the look is otherwise really neat and clean and that helps me a lot to focus writing down my thoughts. But those linked/unlinked references are a bit distracting.

This is now available in the 0.4.0-perf update! You can collapse linked references by default using this setting in your config.edn:

:ref/linked-references-collapsed-threshold 0

This isn’t exactly what you are asking for, but accomplishes the same thing.

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Thanks @tylerwince for the tool. It’s cool.
But in my case, i’d like to fold an unfold some page, not all.

We can do it manually with the arrow. It should be ok if logseq keep it when we close the page and reopen it.
Is this implementation possible (the memory of fold/unfold Linked references) ?