Allow filter of properties keys when generating visual graph

I use many properties, for example: type:: person
When creating the visual graph it gets populated with the properties keys, in my example it would be “type”. I would like to filter this out of my graph as it does not add any value.
I don’t see the benefit of including property’s keys to the visual graph but it’s values would add meaningful content. Also because I use these keys very often they have a high weight. But maybe is because I’m unaware of this being a useful feature for some other use cases.
I see 2 options:

  1. Remove entirely all property keys from the visual graph (in case we think it doesn’t add value in any case)
  2. Add a new node filter “property keys” like the other filters

In the config.edn file there is an option to disable property pages:
;; Enable all your properties to have corresponding pages
:property-pages/enabled? false

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Yeah, that worked. Thanks!

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