Allow to query dates outside journal

Currently we only can search for dates like [[Oct 31st, 2022]] inside the journal. But dates exist in real world beyond journal - event dates, creation dates of youtube videos, deadlines, scheduled task dates etc.

Hence It would be nice to make this date dimension accessible everywhere.
Some advantages:

  • We can use /today, /Date picker UI auto-complete for all dates
  • Dates can have uniform format changeable in Settings → Editor → Preferred date format
  • Dates can be queried uniformly
  • Simple query operation already supports between filter
  • Currently user interface/context menus are misleading, as between and /today etc. are only related to the journal, but the term suggests a more general usage.
  • Any workaround like a custom YYYY/MM/DD namespace would violate against above points

What do you think about this?

Crosslinking Help for building a query (NO coder here...) here for another date-query use case

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