Always put the current page in the head of the RECENT list

I wish Logseq provides an option (maybe there is already one that I am aware of), so that whenever I visit a new page, this page should be popped up to the head of the RECENT list. For instance,

Currently the RECENT list shows pages 4, 3, 2, 1 from head to tail. I wish that the next time when I visit page [[2]], 2 will be taken out and put to the head of RECENT list, which results in pages 2, 4, 3, 1 in the RECENT list.


The benefit of this feature is that the most recently visited pages always lie within the front part of the RECENT list. It makes the life easier for the users who frequently navigate back and forth among a few pages, as it narrows down the scope of search for them.

I hope such an option could be provided. If there is already one, please let me know. Thanks!

The current behavior of Logseq regarding RECENT list is that if the next page to be visited is not already in the list, then that page will be added to the top of the list; the RECENT list remains unchanged otherwise.

I had the same opinion, but noticed the following.

Clicking on the RECENT list does not change the order, but if you access the page from anywhere else, it will appear at the top of the RECENT list.

For example, if you access a page from a search with Cmd + k or from the FAVORITES list, you move to the top of the RECENT list.