Always show a block expanded when zoom in

I have a few collapsed blocks. I think that from UX viewpoint when I click the bullet of a collapsed block, the detail (zoom in page) should be show expanded but maintaining the collapsed state when I go to the parent (zoom out)

Agree. I can’t think of a case where I zoom into a parent block and don’t want to see its children.


This is how it’s done in Dynalist. And in Logseq it’s really counterintuitive for me.

Also, this feature can be very helpful if you have some advance queries with results collapsed by default because they have so many.

I just was in the situation again and want to emphasize my vote with this short comment:

I zoom into a block to focus on the details (and blend out the surrounding) and see nothing but the top parent block text. I agree with @Cobblepot - I can’t think of a situation where this would be useful.
So at the moment we have to manually expand the block. This seems simply like an unnecessary inconvenient step.


Can’t agree anymore! When people zoom into a block, I guess mostly want to see what’s in it. But it turns out nothing, that’s weird. :rofl: :sob: And it would be better if some animation can be added when zoom in/out.


I registered to the forum to propose this feature. Good to see I wouldn’t be the first to request it! Personally, it’s the feature I miss the most from Roam.

Today I noticed that this behavior is already implemented :tada: Version 0.5.8.