An Alternative Approach for Literature Management without Zotero

Hi there,

I created a little tool which helps to organize academic papers within Logseq.
What it basically does is creating template-based literature notes from automatically extracted metadata from the pdf of the paper.
This allowed me to completely remove Zotero from my workflow and also allows for fully customized templates for my literature notes.
I feel that this workflow is much more streamlined than using 2 separate tools whose functionalities overlap.

Feel free to check out the tool at GitHub - m0dd0/paper2note: A utility to create markdown reference notes from the metadata of papers.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


Could you expand on this statement? Does logseq + paper2note really make Zotero redundant? Or is that specific to your workflow only?

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Whether you do not need Zotero anymore depends on which features of Zotero you use. But for me, all relevant Zotero features I used are now integrated in Logseq or paper2note.

In the past, I have used Logseq for reading the pdf of the paper and (of course) taking notes while I used Zotero for extracting metadata and having a tabular, tag-based overview over my literature.
The tag-based overview can be easily achieved with queries in Logseq. IMHO this allows also for more flexibility when it comes to selecting a subset of your literature. The metadata extraction is handled by the paper2note tool.
Personally, I felt that the import of Zotero entries into Logseq introduced some friction as I was never sure which information are stored in which tool and the exisitng Zotero plugins also were missing some features I would like to have for a seamless integration.