An easy one: make page-properties look like the page-tags section (Pages tagged with "") at the bottom of a page

Page-tags are displayed neatly and concisely at the bottom of the page they link to:

Page-properties are displayed like any other inline backlink:

I don’t need to see the entire metadata block for context — just the page name, exactly like page-tags. The UI would be very simple, for example:

Pages with [[topic]] "electromagnetism"
- Capacitance
- Electric potential
- Faraday's Law of Induction

or one combined page-property section (although I think I prefer the previous in the likely case that a page is only the value of 1 page-property key across the graph)

Pages with page-property "electromagnetism"
- whatever
- whatever
- whatever

Hey, @antintin!
You can achieve this with 🏛 Full House Templates plugin.

Details here.

(the more hight quality demo available at the link above)

PS The second case is more complex. I can’t write appropriate datalog query. But it can be achieved too.