Android. Tap to edit last block instead creating several new

I know this is feature and not a bug.
When you tap on a space between

  • {main blocks}

and {NOW tasks},

you create another new block like this

  • {main blocks}

And there is a logic. On the phone it’s hard to hit end of line, a keyboard opens and then you should tap Enter just to start new thought (bullet). And it’s easy to tap any wide place to start.

BUT! It’s also hard to hit an empty line! You can be satisfied by 1 new line. Rare needs to be 2. Few persons needs 3 for MUCH indent. So these persons can use Enter on keyboard. For the convenience of most people I suggest use this behavior:

if last_block.has_symbols then create_new_block()
else last_block.edit()

Much thanks for the great software!

Finded in Top same problem
UI / UX Improvement :: Please make it easier to add (+) a new bullet in between other bullets;

I’m sorry. Should I close the topic?

I think that your topic is different than the linked one, as much as a “tapping annoyance” is different than a “typing convenience”. I suggest to leave it separate but linked, i.e. as it is now.