UI / UX Improvement :: Please make it easier to add (+) a new bullet in between other bullets;

Hello, I find it very cumbersome and unfriendly to have to enter edit mode in the previous block and navigate at the end of it and hit Enter to create a new block/bullet. I have quite large/long blocks, some with links that span 2 lines and just to eye-ball where the end of that block is tires one’s eyes.

I would suggest that just like with last bullet of a page, where a “plus” sign would appear when the mouse hovers that area, so should happen when the mouse gets between two bullets/blocks. Entering Edit Mode just to press Enter for a new Block is just soo friction-inducing it makes me cringe sometimes.

Example: my daily journel, has many blocks and sub-blocks and, when I open Logseq, it automatically populates the daily journal page, so I need to go there and fill stuff, add blocks, etc. It is very often that I want to add more blocks within a certain section just to keep everything tidy but I can only enter Edit Mode on the Block above to be able to press Enter and get a new bullet.

Please make that available for us.

Consider using any of the following existing keyboard shortcuts:

  • Within the block before the desired new one:
    • While in Edit Mode: press Ctrl + End
    • While not in Edit Mode: press the right arrow (or press Enter)
  • Within the block after the desired new one:
    • While in Edit Mode: press Ctrl + Home
    • While not in Edit Mode: press the left arrow

Then press Enter as usually.

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I am doing that right now, and it adds a lot of friction. I have Logseq as a Quake-Style Drop-Down so whenever I want to Capture something interesting I get to it with a fast Ctrl+~ shortcut. Then I am in my journal and I have no block selected so I would need to click on a block, have it go to edit mode (in some cases, this would expand all the links inside into a half page text that would put me off just looking at it, then press Right or Left arrow to go to the end of the previous Block which, if that too is a lot of text with links inside will expand to yet another page of garbled text I am not interested in at the moment), then I would press Enter to have what I wanted in the first place by just clicking where I am interested to have a new block.

Yes, that difficult is, at the moment, adding a new empty block in Logseq. I don’t know what other heavy users are using Logseq for, but if you really used it to add data, text and links, this would be extremely non-frictionless and it defeats the whole purpose of fast capture and forget.

Adding a visual cue in the form of the (+) sign when I move my mouse in between blocks would be the best option for a frictionless capturing experience.

PS: the only other Fast Capture would be that whenever I activate Logseq window (bring it to focus), it would show be an empty block in the current journal so I cat type right away and then, after I finished adding all the blocks for the day, I would re-arrange them in the ournal page by hitting G+H and doing the drag and drop stuff … but that is not as efficient as the previous Click and Capture and Forget method.

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I am afraid that we are not properly understanding each-other. The shortcuts that I mentioned go directly to the edge of the whole block, no matter its size and complexity. In your specific scenario, if you click anywhere on the previous block, don’t navigate with the arrows, just press Ctrl + End and Enter. I don’t see any expanding or other delay. Of course they may make it even easier in the future, but meanwhile you shouldn’t suffer the way you describe it.

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I understood what you said and yeah, I didn’t use the shortcuts before. I would click in a block and then click at the end of it and then press Enter. But I don’t navigate with arrows to the end of the block. I just have long blocks and most of the times I keep them minimized to the first Soft-Break so when I click on it it can span the whole page. Yeah I can go Ctrl+End and Enter, but that didn’t spare my eyes to see a lot of text filling the screen, text I don’t want to see if it was a seamless, frictionless experience.

Thanks for your input I will use the Ctrl+End shortcut to ease a bit my situation but it doesn’t solve the frictionless for me.

PS: I also have a beef with the Click as it goes straight to Edit Mode while I prefer it to select the Block and Double-Click to open Edit Mode.

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Here is an alternative:

  • Ctrl + click to select a block without entering Edit Mode.
  • Two times Enter to add a new block below the selected one.
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This is something I can work with, thanks. It’s a tad better than searching the end of the previous block and click there and then press Enter. Still, if the block is one screen worth of data it’s eye straining but for me it’s an improvement.

Basically I see at least three possibilities to allow easier New Block Creation for frictionless Capturing Information:

I also revived an Old Thread and was surprised that 2 years ago people still requested the same thing :frowning: Shortcut for creating a block below the current one - #6 by FlorianF


Would also like a nice mobile option for this. :slight_smile:

I think ⌘⏎ should insert a new line below, ⌘⇧⏎ should insert a new line above


From my pov, the keyboard-only does not exclude the mouse+keyboard option. I have Logseq in ConEmu and I have a shortcut (Ctrl+~) to get a drop-down, quake-style appearance of the app whenever I want to “capture” something. No block is selected when I get the Logseq window. I prefer to do the Ctrl+Click on the bullet to get a New Block below (or a Ctrl+Shift+Click to get a New Bullet above the clicked bullet) rather then do a Ctrl+Click on the block to select it, then do another shortcut to get the New Block. At least that’s how I see it.

As a best option I still see the “always-on” quick-capture bullet in the Contents side bar. When you switch to Logseq and Click there to edit it maximizes the sidebar to full screen width and tou write your note there. When you ESCape the Edit Mode, the sidebar returns to its default size on the right of the screen and now the block sits just below a new “Click here to edit” empty block waiting to help with frictionless quick Capture. Now you can drag and drop the newly created bullet/block in the main area, in between or wherever in your daily journal.

Now I soo wish to be a decision-maker at Logseq :)))

Guys, there is same problem on Android that touches adding block.
I create several unwanted empty blocks before reach editing last.

Topic: Android. Tap to edit last block instead creating several new (surf on your popularity :surfing_man:)

custom.js workaround: Keyboard shortcuts: Create block {before, after} current block at same indentation level

Could you elaborate on this please? If I understand correctly, ConEmu is a terminal program, how do you have Logseq running in it? Are you using some extra tools to integrate Logseq into the terminal? What exactly happens after you press Ctrl+~ when you capture something?

Ok I’ve realised that ConEmu can run GUI apps so I’ve able to attach Logseq to it, so I’m assuming you’re doing the same thing

Yes, I have the Logseq executable defined as a Task in Settings in ConEmu and it auto-starts with ConEmu, which also Auto-Starts with Windows.Hence, after bootup, I only trigger ConEmu (Ctrl+Tilde) and, because Logseq Task is marked as the “Main” Task abong the other ConEmu Tabs, I get to it straight away.

ConEMu has lots of documentation online but just to give you a quick view, I have created a Task named “Logseq” under Startup > Tasks and I gave it a “/dir /Path/To/Logseq” as a dir parameter and the “Path/to/executable” in the Commands section. Then I have another such Task that will open all Tabs that I have defined in ConEmu named Productivity , where I only defined the Tasks to be called at startup: