Announcement: Logseq GPT-3 OpenAI plugin

Hey everyone! My first logseq plugin logseq-plugin-gpt3-openai just landed in the marketplace. This plugin allows you to run gpt-3 text summarization and generation commands within logseq via the OpenAI API. Check out the repo for gifs of demos. I would really appreciate any feedback. Let me know if you find it helpful or have any suggestions!

Repo here: GitHub - briansunter/logseq-plugin-gpt3-openai: A plugin for GPT-3 AI assisted note taking in Logseq

Blog Post here: AI Powered Notetaking with the GPT-3 Logseq plugin

Just wanted to say good work! Im quite impressed with this and I’m sure Ill find a use case for it in my current logseq workflow.


Thank you @rocknrollarr !

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To create an account with OpenAI API, they need my phone number. I prefer not to provide that. Do you know why they need it? Does it seem safe?

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Read their usage guidelines before using it for sure.

Hey Brian,

I was able to install the plugin from the marketplace and enter the OpenAI API key under plugin settings. However, I get an error (OpenAI Plugin Error) when I enter /gpt3 after a question. Any pointers to resolve this? Thank you!



Check out the debugging guide GitHub - briansunter/logseq-plugin-gpt3-openai: A plugin for GPT-3 AI assisted note taking in Logseq

Make sure to update the plugin as well

Plugin is up to date. I can call the OpenAI API through curl. Not sure if there’s a way to debug within logseq desktop app.

Just wanted to say that your plugin has legs and to thank you for this contribution. You remain a rock star.

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Thank you! I really appreciate the positive feedback!

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You can already use text-davinci-003 instead of text-davinci-002

Do you know if you use this whether OpenAI now has all the information you feed into this? Are there any privacy protections?

The plugin does send the selected input to the OpenAI api, so I wouldn’t recommend using it with sensitive information.

Will there be a chatGPTcompletion interface for this? I’d love to use it with gpt-3.5-turbo or gpt-4. Happy to help work on this if there is interest.
Sorry, just saw 3.5-turbo is supported. Yay!

Total Noob Question here:

To really be in line with the privacy ideals of logseq one would need an local-AI.
Ist this even possible? I can imagine that even the most “basic” functions require huge amounts of data and computing power. Of course this would only work for stand-alone functions like the student-teacher dialog etc. not the “asking questions” functions.


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I have entered the API key, but it’s currently generating an error message that prevents me from using the plugin.

Thank you very much for provide this plugin.
I download the latest version, and can get into the GPT table. But when I use any function, it prompts “Unknown error”. I’m not sure if it’s a network problem or something wrong with my APIkey.