Any Proper Way to Move Blocks


I think moving the blocks (including the child blocks) from one to another is not easy. I found that all the outline structure run away and some contents are missing. Now, all my notes become messy… =.=

Is there a proper procedure to move blocks?

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This is definitely very buggy and the #1 cause of data corruption for me. Using the desktop app on Windows. I would suggest filing a bug report.

Hi, @vincentteoh, can you describe what specifically is difficult about moving blocks? Does drag-and-drop not work for you?

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For me, when I use Shift+Alt+up/down, corruption frequently (but not always) occurs. The source file ends up with multiple entries, and parenting is messed up. I have to manually fix it in the source file through an external editor. Not sure, but I think it’s more likely when the block goes above or below its parents.

Drag and drop or hotkey (alt + shift) work well on a page but cannot move to another existing page.

Then, I use the cut feature but the parent cannot carry the child blocks.

Then, I use shift + select the parent and child block by copying and paste. But, it cannot carry the block properties.

Now, I found a solution, drag and move to the sidebar at content.

Hope that clarify the use cases.

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Drag and drop of the block (within the parent) only works for me if I do so within the visible section of a page. But if I want to drag it to a part of the page which is not shown on the screen (higher up the page), the page simply will not scroll as I drag the block up around the top of the visible area. All other outliners, word processors and data entry programs I know auto-scroll in such situations.
But finding this thread has helped, since the alt+shift+up/down works instead.
Does this still need fixed?