API calls with multiple instances open

Hi all,
I started with logseq about 1.5 years ago. Kudos to the team, I am a huge fan. Working currently on some integration with other tools and already managed to set up the API in a MS/WSL environment. Since I usually run 3 instances in parallel, I would need to tell the WIN logseq instance which logseq graph to use when I make an API call. If only one instance is running, there´s no issue and the API call works like a charm. With 3 graphs open, the call goes to the instance that had been opened first (…from what I can tell so far). Is there a way to tell logseq which graph to use?

Sounds like each instance needs a separate port, then the caller needs a way to know which graph listens to which port. Of course it would be better if Logseq had a central process that managed all graphs.

Excuse me not reply for idea or solution but for more questions.
I believe there’re many posts seeking for method to call Multiple Logseq instance to have the ability of editing/searching multiple db/graphs simultaneously.
As I knew currently we have plugin with multi-tap window, have sidebar window with ability to show pages from the other db/graphs against the current opened one, also have abilities through queries to get results from multiple db/graphs in the same time.
While they’re still not the same as opening multiple Logseq instance to me on the real usage scenario.
From @sokrates post at least you can call multiple Lsq instances now, just cannot directly with different db/graphs when Lsq is opened, right? Can this been achieved from cmd line prompt or powershell on Windows, or can it been implemented through Lsq plugin? Honestly I don’t mind to open different db/graphs manually when Logseq(s) are opened to avoid the db/graph access risks.

In the final, I feel surprised that no one ask further about this topic since so many past posts are seeking multiple instance solutions. Perhaps others already found good way to deal with different db/graphs simultaneously while I didn’t.
Anyone uses multiple db/graphs and already found your own to deal with, please kindly share or give me a hint, I will be appreciated from any of your kindly help. Thanks.

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