Apk file flagged as malware

I’ve checked the apk file of version 0.9.19 on Virus Total and it was flagged as follows:

It would be nice that you check it and clarify that.

Thanks in advance

Well, you could’ve posted what it was saying on the “DETAILS” tab.

I am guessing this is a false-positive; however, I would like to get a more definitive explanation to that.

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FWIW, When i enter https://github.com/logseq/logseq/releases/download/0.9.19/Logseq-android-0.9.19.apk on virustotal, it doesn’t show any problems

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ironically, now with 0.10.1 virustotal now again claims to have found “TrendMicro-HouseCall
TROJ_GEN.R002V01K123” in the logseq android apk file.
see VirusTotal