App goes blank when clicking on a wikilink with '#' and nested links


I’ve just noticed that clicking on a link in this form:

[[## Reproducing [[Logseq]] crash]] makes the app go blank.

If I remove either the octothorpes or the nested link, the problem goes away. It seems that only this combination causes the crash.

Logseq Desktop v. 0.4.5
macOS 11.6


Logseq goes blank when I click on a “normal” link (-> [[link]]).
When I quit and reopen, then try to go to a block on this page, or embed a block from this page, it goes also blank.

Now, it goes blank from the opening. Maybe because the last page open is the [[link]] one.

To see how it is whan I open :

I use Logseq on linux desktop, the last 0.4.5.

That’s a bummer.

So you can’t follow any internal links at all?

It’s only with one page (the “reference” one :cold_sweat:)

I try with 0.4.4 and that is OK.

So the problem is really with the “0.4.5 - beta testing - latest” from yesterday. :thinking:

Thank you for the report! This bug should be fixed by

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Hi, what’s the page title that caused logseq goes blank?

You can send it to if you don’t want to share the page title publicly.

the bug is fixed and it works normally.

The page title was “:floppy_disk: Références” (with the french acute accent)

I answered too fast after re-downloading the latest logseq and try it.

It works when everything was fold in the page.
When I unfold a specific block it went blank again.

With the 0.4.4 it’s working well.

And with 0.4.6 it’s working also. :hugs:
Great !