(Apple Shortcuts) Logseq Reminders Sync

Two shortcuts that enable sending and syncing reminders from Reminders to Logseq.

Sync Logseq Todos to Reminders: Syncs Logseq todos with a deadline to the macOS Reminders app (see caveats). Download shortcut.

Send selected Logseq Todo to Reminders: Sends the currently selected todo to reminders. Download shortcut.




  1. Create a reminders list (e.g. „Logseq“)
  2. Activate the Logseq API (https://docs.logseq.com/#/page/local%20http%20server) and set an API token.
  3. Set your configuration in the „config“ dictionary at the top of the shortcut.

More information on Github.

This is incredible. All I need is for this to work on iOS instead of MacOS, but for most people I think you’ve solved their problem. Great work.

Thanks! Unfortunately, the shortcut relies on the Logseq server, which is only available on Desktop.