Are journal pages always "recent" pages?

As a new user, I don’t have tons of pages, but something I’ve found odd is that some daily journal pages show up under “recent” in the sidebar and some do not. I feel like it’s gonna get mightily messy if journal pages stack up under “recent”. So, a two-part question:

  • What is the criteria for pages showing up on recent?
  • Is there a way to exclude journal pages from showing up on recent?

Thanks in advance for the help and clarification!

Recent simply means “recently visited/opened”.
So if your main use is through journal pages, then yeah, they will be in recent.
Also remember this only happens if you visit the specific journal page itself, not if you visit the journals as a whole.
So clicking on a specific date link, either as a header in the journals section, or as a linked reference somewhere.

Ah, understood. Thank you for the helpful explanation!

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