Assets reference suggestions

If someone wants to reuse an image/media file at logseq, there are 3 options:

1. Copy and paste it again.

Problem: This creates a duplicate, which takes up storage and changes at the one image file won’t be made in the new ones

2. Use a image link and type its path with a image link reference

a. It is slow
b. It is unnatural
c. It is hard to remember the exact filename
d. It isn’t user friendly

3. Use a block reference to a link with the image

Problem: If the block is deleted, every note with it will break with it


The ideal would be something like obsidian does. When making a page reference, media reference options should appear as well. This makes it user friendly, fast and practical. Like this, reference to documents like PDF files would be easier as well.


Yes please … and could we also remove the need to make the assets folder a part of the link. Just tell Logseq (configurable or not) that all images, uploads, pdf’s are stored in the assests folder and assume that. So [[name_of_asset]] would in fact link to [[…/assets/name_of_asset]]. It is not nice to have the file folder as part of the link. Specially if it is configurable.


Search for images, pdf’s, …

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Hi there Jac. Thank you very much for the feature request. It would be great if you could add some more details about what you are after as in the search box, you can search for image/pdf names or you can even do a search with .jpg.

Are you potentially after an “Assets” view where you can see the assets that have been “copied” into your Logseq?



This seems to be a duplicate of Assets reference suggestions

Merged Posts - thanks for the heads up

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He probably means filename search. I was trying to do the same and found this post.

At least on version 0.6.0 when i use double brackets and start typing a filename (already in assets folder, already embedded somewhere else) it doesnt show up.

I would be ok with this solution:
Use “upload an asset” command, but if selected file already is in assets folder it doesn’t create a duplicate but uses the original.
Maybe make it a separate command to retain both options (“insert an asset”).


Please, I want this, too. :frowning: