Auto-fill links

Hi, I can’t seem to find this already discussed in the forums. But I might just be using the wrong words for it. I am using multiple links in quite a few blocks. Like [[Cookies]] [treats]] [[Baking]] [[Smiles] sugar cookie recipe from grandma…
Is there a feature, or a plug-in, I would allow me to auto add all the links after cookies once I have the link for [[cookies]]?
Often my links are hierarchical, but sometimes just associations.
All comments welcome. If you think I’m doing it all wrong and you know a better way. I’m happy to hear about it.

Welcome. I’m not sure that I understand your requirement.

  • If you want to:
    • organize your links (these are called references) in a hierarchy, consider using namespaces
      • In your example, that would be like [[Smiles/Baking/treats/Cookies]]
      • This has some misery potential.
    • add predefined text in a quick way, should define and use a macro
      • In your example:
        • if the definition was like: :cookies "[[Cookies]] [treats]] [[Baking]] [[Smiles]"
        • the usage would be: {{cookies}}
      • This would require a separate macro for each predefined text.
        • This doesn’t scale.
          • Though some parameterization is possible.
  • The ideal would be to adopt some workflow that doesn’t require to repeat the same things every time.
    • In your example, mentioning [[cookies]] should be enough.

Not exactly what you’re asking for but text expansion software is useful for this and many other things.