Autohide tags like RoamResearch

I know you can hide tags using CSS. However, the limitation is that in order to see that tag again, you have to click on the block.
RoamResearch has this feature (I assume its a feature and not a bug) in which if you start a tag with a dot (.) it will become semi-hidden. In other words, if your mouse pointer is not on the block, the tag will be hidden, but if you hover over the block, the tag will come back. There is no need to click on the block.
I have been using that feature for a while now and the only thing that prevents me from migrating to Logsec right now has narrowed down to this.
I’m wondering, does logsec have something like this?


Cool! I don’t think it’s a bug because it seems inspired by hidden files in Linux and MacOS (a dot at the beginning of the file name).

I see. So does Logsec have any similar feature?

I’m pretty sure Roam does it with CSS anyway. Set display:none for tags starting with a dot, but then display it inline or whatever on :hover