Automatic Footnotes

Wish footnotes could be easily added similar to tags:

(+automatically insert footnotes someplace. probably similar to pdf annotations. user can chose to embedded footnotes somehow to make clicking them work across page. Or maybe use a different mechanism altogether.)

and also easily viewed:

Logseq doesn’t display footnotes like this but I wish it did. Wikipedia allows you to view notes on hover, and this will carry the same purpose.

Agreed. I use this feature extensively, and often in an iterative way: I frequently rearrange blocks; retroactively clean up earlier blocks by moving some of their content into footnotes; add references and extra resources here and there; etc. It’s quite laborious having to swap indices (my most commonly used system) both inline and in the footnotes section (four tasks per swap at minimum).

Would help a lot if a list of notes and references could work similarly to numbered lists in that if you add a new entry, index numbers update accordingly (and then the corresponding inline links would be updated automatically).

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