Automatic Toggle Wide On when either SideBar is open & Toggle Wide Off when no SideBar visible?

Hello, I use 70% wide layout all the time but, when either of the sidebars is triggered, the 70% of the remaining space gets quite narrow and I always have to T W in the main area. It would be so much more helpful if the layout width in the main area would automatically toggle wide when either of the sidebar or both are ON and toggle wide off when the main area is the only one on the screen. Is that possible with logseq and maybe some js code?

I will bump this question in case it went down the backscroll of the forum due to many posts :). There’s also a chance it didn’t spark any interest.

From my pov this is an usability issue of Logseq. Having no SideBars visible and still keeping the working pane in Narrow Mode makes no sense. I would like it automatically go to Wide Mode or at least have a switch in config.edn where to specify my option towards this preference.

But until main logseq will implement this, maybe it’s possible that this behavior can be regulated by means of some js code…