Automatically created pages from the keys in block properties?

Apparently upon defining some properties of a page (in the first block), new pages named after the keys of those properties are automatically created.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like a new behavior that must have been introduced very recently (I use the latest stable release 0.7.9). But maybe it was always like that and I kept overlooking it, including overlooking any mention of this behavior in the documentation.

Now my graph is cluttered with pages named like place, short-title, access-date and pages, mostly coming from pages created upon import from Zotero.

I am wondering if this is a desirable behavior. Is it really useful for most users? Is there any possibility to switch it off?

You can switch off the creation of pages for keys, e.g akey:: avalue.
set :property-pages/enabled? false in config.edn

The values for tags:: and alias:: properties still auto-create pages. For other page properties a single value doesn’t get a page but adding a comma, “akey:: value,” or multiple values akey:: avalue1, avalue2 auto-creates pages.

I really don’t like this. For properties other than tags and alias, pages should never be auto-created and then the user can use tags or links. akey:: #avalue or akey:: [[value]]