Automatically generate plural form of tag as an alias

I will often create a plural form of tag as an alias: for example, dogs as an alias for dog. This is time-consuming, however, and it would be great if logseq could automatically generates these aliases for me. It seems that logseq already does some alias management to an extent with capitalized and un-capitalized tags; would be great to see this capability extended.

What constitutes a plural? Adding an “s”, adding “es”, adding “'s” for proper names? What would you do with tags for “sheep” or “focus”?

I suspect the overhead of checking and generating tags for plurals would kill performance.

I think your use of aliases keeps the database cleaner. If Logseq automatically generated plurals then there needs to be an option to not create them.


Backlinking for myself as i asked this months ago: Tag naming conventions & handling plurals

Did you take into account different languages? The complexity of that ‘simple’ feature explodes once you consider that not everyone writes only in English (and might even use several languages in parallel).

This could potentially be solved through a plugin I guess automatically creating aliases for non infinitive forms of words

All I want is covering the simplest case: automatically give me the word with an “s” tacked on the end. This will cover many cases—of course many will be wrong. But guess what—you will never notice the wrong cases, because you won’t type “mouses” when you should type “mice.”