Backlinks not populating? (live examples)

I have been having a very weird issue with my backlinks where sometimes I will create one- and the backlink will bring me to the page if I click on it- but the original reference that I used doesn’t show up under linked or unlinked.

Here is an example.

First screen shot shows I have the page the page up for Candrakīrti and it shows 6 links.
This line in another page does not show up - even though when I click on it it will bring me to that page for Candrakīrti. *[[Candrakīrti]] lived in the 7th Century - [[600]] - [[650]] C.E.

I then click on it- and add one space after the *[[Candrakīrti]] in the full line *[[Candrakīrti]] lived in the 7th Century - [[600]] - [[650]] C.E.

As soon as I add that space the page updates at the same time and show’s 7 links instead of 6 ( even though there was already an appropriate space and now it has 2 spaces)

This is happening a lot to me and I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I have caught this issue with many keywords I am trying to link and the fix above works- though that is only when I catch it. I could have so many not linking to the page even though if I look at the reference the word is linked correctly and even brings me to the main page- but will never show that original reference on the main page.

excuse me if my vocab is wrong- I hope screenshots help- This issue also happens with English words- not just Sanskrit. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this totally makes my work unusable and I’m not sure if it’s human error or something in between. I really enjoy Logseq and I have donated!

Thank you so much!

Here is a live example that I haven’t fixed incase there is a way to share my database to look into why this is happening.

Here you can see that I have a page created for Seventy Stanzas on Emptiness and there is a link on the Nargarjuna page for Seventy Stanzas on Emptiness but the Nagarjuna page does not show up on the Seventy Stanzas on Emptiness page either in linked or unlinked references( which is not shown fully in the screenshot but it is not there).

I think I found the error- every instance has had either an extra space at the start or end of the keyword/phrase inside the brackets-

[[ TEST]] vs [[TEST]]

These will not show up under the same page and it will create orphan pages.