Being a new Logseq user

I am a new Logseq user and what I write here it perhaps a bit quick and not polished enough.


Well, in the past I used all sorts of things to deal with my personal data/knowledge

  • Personal WIki
  • Vimwiki
  • in the end Zim Desktop

I realized that Zim Desktop is just another way to admit I don’t know how to deal properly with my personal data/knowledge as there is still the hierarchy problem which is unsolvable.

Then some weeks ago I stumbled upon Obsidian and shortly after upon Logseq. It took me some days to understand somehow that they provide a different model.

My decision between Obsidian and Logseq

  • Older, and more users thus better support: +Obsidian
  • Better organization of the gui, less confusing: +Logseq
  • Open source and usage of Clojure, OCaml, ClojureScript which is IMHO a good prerequisite for something stable.

There were more things to consider but I am too lazy to list them all.

I am so happy using Logseq although I am still at the very beginning to learn the concepts. There are bugs (that’s life) which (I am sure) will be solved over time.

Finally: Many thanks to the folks who gave birth to Logseq and are still continuing to develop it further.