Best way to quick capture a note?

Hi! I was wondering is there a way to quick capture a note? Let’s say I’m on a Zoom meeting and I want to capture a note, I would have to exit Zoom fullscreen mode, open the Logseq app and jot down the note. This is like 3 clicks and time consuming when you need to really quickly capture something.

Is there any way I can have Logseq always stay open in the background, on the Windows system tray (like Evernote, Todoist, etc.) and just press a global shortcut key or click on the icon to bring it to the fore?

Thanks! If not, what is the quickest way to capture something as a note?

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Currently there are a few options, but none of them are super smooth.
There are some plugins that work within the app and there is an app URL you can use outside of it


This is one of the things I’m really missing in logseq. I use multiple virtual desktops in Windows to organize my work and moving to a different desktop (or bringing logseq to different desktops) it’s a bit annoying.

Would be great to have a quick capture everywhere like other tools.


I agree this is really important and a key missing feature.
It would also be nice if the quick-capture functionality worked with the same context and functionality as writing directly in Logseq. That is with the ability to add multiple blocks, with indentation, with auto-complete for tags and page references, and so on. Like they implemented it in Tana (expect that in Tana you can’t yet invoke it from outside the app).


Plugin for Obsidian that partially provides this.