Best way to use on multiple computers?

I’m currently set up to use Logseq on multiple computers using git and the browser version. Since it is only me, I am never editing a document at the same time. And I think it is usually several minutes between using LS on one computer before using another computer – enough time for a sync to take place. I’ve been using this configuration for a couple of weeks now.
Anyway, yesterday I experienced my first git diff/merge message indicating that one of my documents, the daily notes journal, was updated on 2 different systems and git didn’t know how to combine the changes. It wasn’t a big deal to merge the changes, but it made me concerned that maybe I’m not doing things correctly.
Is there a proper way to use LS on multiple devices without causing these conflicts? Should I be first doing a pull/push before starting any editing?

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Have been experiencing a similar thing using git-connected browser version both on phone and tablet.

Changes made on either of the two devices only show up in the other one when logging out and in first (Chrome keeps me permanently logged in on both devices).
I’ve seen this as sort of “standard” behavior by now, but now indeed questioning if this is the expected behavior indeed.

Moreover I’ve encountered the same issue on ONE device when my WIFI was bad and had interruptions of a few seconds in between. Suddenly I got a diff/merge request to specify for a whole number of pages if I want to keep a “local version” of the document, if I want to “edit” or “push” and a “publish” button below. Chosing “keep local” for a test produced an unusable site that had the same header as you specified and just had a reference to a markdown filename in it.

So there seem to be some issues I could guess.

I would suggest using Logseq with third-party syncing services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

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I intended to but unfortunately there seems to be no single android browser that supports native file API and thus using a local file - so only syncing over github seems possible. Otherwise a local file and automated file-sync to google docs would definitely be my way to go :slight_smile:

It’s definitely an area which needs improvement. Sorry for the inconvenience. We might build native mobile apps to bypass the filesystem limitation. Stay tuned.

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I definitely will, you can count me in on that.
Among all the tools I’ve looked by now, Logseq presented itself as the most stable, reliable and well-thought-out tool to me by far - besides the clever designed function and minimalist and uncluttered UI are really good to work with, and let’s not dwell on the enhancements for the workflow by the use of templates and properties. Just needed to say this and hats off for the thorough work and testing all the devs are doing here (especially compared to some other tools).
Logseq is a very likely candidate to become my “one-for-all”-tool, once there’s more syncing options and maybe a few plugins and can’t await the mobile apps coming :slight_smile:

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I know this discussion is a little old, but I had this same issue with using Git & Logseq, since I’m not always on my PC.

What I found that works, though it adds a bit more friction, is to just manually push and pull, but do it frequently (i.e.: before leaving a page). In the config there’s a setting to auto-push/pull, I just set that to false and then click on the colored dot in the top-right, then do what I need.

Since doing this I haven’t had nearly as many headaches.

I do agree though that there should be a more fluid way of doing this.

Thanks for the tip - this is highly appreciated. Will try out right away :slight_smile: The issue gave me a lot of headaches too, even more now since native mobile apps seem to have be taken from the list and I’m using android almost exclusively!