Better pen support and general whiteboard drawing feedback

I wanted to tryout logseq because I have been looking for a good note app since MS has started enshitifying onenote. I am a heavy pen note taker so I was excited to see the whiteboard feature but I have to say after giving it a try I am less than impressed. Here is a list of my feedback.

  • Pen eraser buttons do not work. Pen side buttons do nothing and aren’t even detected when trying to set keybindings.

  • Only full stroke erasing is supported where there should be a way to do partial erasing of lines.

  • The whiteboard should immediately switch to draw mode if my pen come within hover distance of the screen, or on devices that don’t support hover when the pen touches the screen. It is possible to distinguish between mouse vs touch vs pen input. If I pull out my pen and start using it, it is almost always to draw/write. There should be a automatic switching, if I use my pen it should switch to draw, if I then touch with the touch screen then it should switch back to the select mode so I can select things with my fingers.

  • Different line modes, dotted and dashed lines when drawing

  • Having to open a menu to set pen color is too much, there should be a way to favorite pen configurations so they show up on the toolbar directly for quick switching. I should be able to fav a pen + thickness + linemode combo and those favorites should be available directly on the toolbar.

For taking handwritten notes these sorts of features are absolutely bare minimum. Unfortunately as it is right now I feel the whiteboard/draw feature is not suitable for handwritten note taking.

(for completeness my setup is Windows 11 Pro, Asus pen on the zenbook pro duo which has both pen and touch support)

(wasn’t sure if I should put this in feedback or feature requests, its bit of both. decided to just put it in feedback as it’s not a single feature request)

+1 for mentioning pen sidebuttons and favorite pens. These two by themselves double my brainstorming speed! (available on OneNote, which I’m coming from)