Better recovery for oversized blocks


Was working on a probably too large block, an extended scene in a draft.
I hit the limit where Logseq stops allowing you to search in it, and it gave me a warning. It also stopped me from editing it to split it apart into reasonable chunks. It’s fair that Logseq doesn’t deal with mega-blocks, but I’d like to improve the flow here if possible.

The error message was at the top of the megablock, which is likely scrolled out of sight and thus invisible.

A border around the block in error coloring could help, or displaying the message at both ends.

Needing to open the file elsewhere and edit it into blocks was a complete flow wrecker.

Having a block that’s about to cross over show a warning would be nice.

Making the max characters per block be larger than what Logseq allows you to type would be better.

IE, you can never lose access to a block unless you’ve already edited it externally, and added enough that it’s over the true limit

I suspect there might be edge cases with merging blocks, but it would be appreciated.

Essentially, I don’t want to need to use Logseq if I’ve only used Logseq so far. A softlock like this is subpar.